EA Sports UFC 3 New Features Wishlist

UFC 3 is the next big game that is going to challenge WWE for its place as EA Sports already have plans for progress.

UFC 3 WIshlist

UFC 3 Wishlist

The developers are defiantly preparing the huge improvement and new features for UFC 3. Today we talk about some of the potential features and wishlists that the fans want to see in the game.

Here are some of the most wanted features in UFC 3.

Wagers between friends: Wagering virtual currency and player collectibles should be made possible in UFC. UFC is not just about fighting, money comes really close with the glory. This will make the game more fun as you are not just fighting for the win.

A Companion App: EA Sports UFC 3 has a decent Ultimate Team considering there are far fewer fighters than any of EA’s other sports game. But, what’s missing from UFC 3 UT is the Companion App. It will not only make the Ultimate Team mobile but also generate the developer’s profit due to VC.

UFC PPV Plus – The gamer with PPV plus will be able to get a 360-degree camera rotation which enforces a new way to view the gameplay.

New King of the Octagon Mode – The player gets to go on a winning streak where extra credit and rewards are earned. He loses the status if he fails to keep up the streak. The gamers should be able to play this online as well as offline with friends or AI.

Simple Controls: In a standard system, a four-button set with each button to punch, kick, takedown, and grapple would make it simple. Additionally, the back button would add a special attribute to the basic control and the central button would be used for movement and special attacks.

Combo controls: There should be more combo attacks and defense techniques in the game. This would allow to finish off your opponent by KO or submission easily. Not only that, it can counter every move to turn the game around by surprise.

Ultimate Team Draft: EA has introduced draft in FIFA which made it one of the most famous features in Ultimate Team. Adding UFC 3 Ultimate Team Draft would make the hardcore UT fans more enthusiastic about the game.

Advanced KO Mode: There should be just Knockout games against friends or other online opponents to win different in- rewards and VC for UT or Live Events and more.

User focused marketplace – like the UFC 3 Ultimate Team, there should a marketplace where you can sell your created player. If your player is bought many times you get extra bonus reward for it. The value of your created player increases if he has good win stats and winning streak.

Authenticate Career Mode: This is one of the most wanted wish that the fans want to see in UFC 3. It is a natural progress for a developing game keep on improving their previous models and we can expect big new changes in UFC 3.  They should be in the level of 2k or FIFA to make it feel like being a world champion in like winning the world.

Redefine Ground Game: The current game has somewhat simple rule; you hit and miss which is not the same in the current game. People are complaining that the stamina, poisoning, and previous hits should be considered for KO or submissions.

UFC 3 Virtual Reality: There are fans who really want to experience the next UFC game in Virtual Reality. It may not be possible right away but there is still time and the developers may take advantage of the developing VR community to enforce it.

What features do you want in UFC 3 Game? Comment

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