Is EA Sports working on UFC 3?

We all know how the UFC 2 game was advertised during the actual event that took place in New York. The UFC game series has been one of the most popular game among MMA fans all over the world and has risen to steal some of WWE 2k fans as well.

UFC 3 Cover PS4

UFC 3 Cover PS4

So, the game was a success. (kind of). But, the real question is that are the developers going to make the next version of the series? Before answering that, let’s talk about the development first.

EA Sports UFC game is only released once every two years. The first one EA Sports UFC was released back in 2014 and the latest one UFC 2 was released in 2016. The process takes so long because adding new features, fighters and fixing bugs takes time. As for EA Sports point of view, it is too much hard work for a small gaming audience.

The gaming audience for EA Sports UFC is small because normal MMA gamers are hooked with WWE 2k. EA Sports are trying with all they got to promote the game and make it happen. UFC games have already started to create a fan base. They have huge potential. That is why EA are not discontinuing the series.

If the news sources are true, EA have already begun starting to develop the game. They have apparently hired a few huge names from the game industry to work for them on their next UFC 3 Project.


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